Pennsylvania State Fox & Coyote Hunter's Association

Field Trial

2016- One Day Aug, 13, 2106 Winners
From Left: Chad Duncan and son showing 5th place hound, #11, Duncan’s Carla, Cody Woods showing 4th place hound, #44, Thompson’s Winnie, owned by Nick Rose, Andy Gismonei, showing 2nd place hound, #45, Tuck, John Bates, son and daughter with 8th place hound, #21 Maple Wall Max and 7th place hound, #18, Maple Wall Peanut.

2016- One Day Aug, 13, 2106 Winners
From Left: Carol Gray with 9th place hound, #5, Spring’s Shadow, Dick Bednarczyk with 3rd place hound, #1, Quinte (f)Ch Springs Argo, Wade Gray with 1st place hound, #6, Spring’s Blitz, Heath Begore with 10th place hound, #56, Begore’s Saddie and Lee Begore with 6th place hound, #59 Begore’s Em.

PA State 2015 One Day Speed & Drive
From left: Wade Gray showing 8th place hound, #5, Quinte (f)Ch Spring's Argo, Clarissa Schmitt, Carol Gray showing 5th place hound, #3, Spring's Reba, Kole Peterson showing 3rd place hound, #7, Pete's Ceaser, Dave Peterson showing 6th place hound, #2, Spring's Dust-em-G and Fred Bennett showing 7th place hound, #64, Three Rivers Boone.

PA State 2015 One Day Speed & Drive
From left: Heath Begore showing 1st place hound, #94, Begore's Sadie, Adam Vos showing 2nd place hound, #78, Begore's Em, Kyle Stephens showing 9th place hound, #23, Clinton County's Curve Lake Jake, Luke Kirby, Darryl Woods showing 4th place hound, #14, Spook's Hollow Hickory, and Cody Woods showing 10th place hound, #77, Run-Em-Down Rolly.

PA State 2014 One Day Speed & Drive
From left ; Brett Gray showing 6th place hound, # 14, Spring’s Widget, Carol Gray with 3rd place hound, # 4, Spring’s Nitro, Wade Gray with 1st place hound, # 7, Spring’s Argo, Jason McCammon and son with 7th place hound, # 11, Spring’s Lil Speck and Dave Peterson with 9th place hound, #71, Spring’s Duster – G.

PA State 2014 One Day Speed & Drive
From left; Dale Arthur showing 8th place hound, # 18, Dot, Carol Gray with 5th place hound, # 10, Spring’s Ms. Speck – G, Wade Gray with 2nd place hound, #5, Spring’s Sky, Amy Peterson, Jay Roberts with 10th place hound, # 77, Spring’s Dust-em-G, Dave Peterson and son with 4th place hound # 47, Pete’s Cleo.

PA State 2013 Bench Show
From Left: Wade and Carol Gray with BOS, hound # 311, Spring’s Trouble, Bench Show Judge Jim Rogers, Frank Hall showing BIS, hound # 601, Cascade Josh.

One Day Speed & Drive - 2013
Bottom Right: Jason McCammon, Dale Arthur Jr., Eric Emerson and Rick Phillips showing hounds which placed, including winning hound #30, Northwind Rocky. Rick also owns 6th place hound, #20, Phillips Shadow. 3rd place hound, Brooke Maskell’s Rambo M.Hanover is not shown.

One Day Speed & Drive - 2013
Bottom Left: Wade, Carol and Brett Gray, Jason and Seth McCammon and Hailey Stoddard with five hounds placed in Speed & Drive Event

PA State 2013 Two –Day Field Trail
From left to right: Dave Peterson, Carol Gray, Wade Gray with First Place AA hound #411, Spring’s Sky, Amy Peterson, Ron Davis with First Place Derby hound #1, R and S Minnie, Sally and Mike Davis, Jay Roberts.

One Day Speed & Drive 2012
Wade, Carol and Brett Gray showing Spring’s Sky, Spring’s Trouble and Spring’s Shy who placed first, third and fifth in the August 11th , Speed and Drive held at Molyneaux’s Plantation, Endicott, New York. Also pictured are Jay Roberts, Tyler Huffman and Dave Peterson.

PA State 2012 Bench Show
Pictured from left are Ivan and Kathy Van Leeuwen with BOS Rockhill’s Rosco, Bench Show Judge Frank Hall and Jim Rogers with BIS Roger’s Sherry Lee.

PA State 2012 Two-Day Field Trail
Gary Villnave’s Derby hound, # 31, Riverview Ciders, racked up seven hundred and fifty Speed & Drive points over two days running, while Jim Zittel’s All Age hound, #111, JZ’s Rachel, totaled eight hundred and ninety five Speed & Drive points. It required five hundred seventy points to place in the Derby and five hundred eighty points to make the All Age cut.